Easy Stretching Exercises for the Brain

Huddle Imagine small

Use your imagination!

Exercise the brain, exercise the body. Good health starts with a flexible and healthy mind. There are many exercises we humans can do to keep our brains well exercised.

Some of the simple brain exercises are the most potent and long lasting. Our minds must continue to be stretched if we want them to function properly. Just as we must continue to stretch our bodies in order for them to function properly.

Science has proven that those people with the most energy, the most birthdays and the most alertness have exercised their brains in small but consistent ways. Many of us mistakenly believe that we can go to a spa or a weekend boot camp once or twice a year and expect those visits to keep our brains and bodies functioning well. Unfortunately, those results are only temporary.

What works is what we choose to do on a consistent basis. Stretch. Using our imagination is one of the best mental stretching exercises and it’s something we can all do, no matter what age we are.

Using our imagination is also a simple stretching exercise we can do together. We have found a game, an ice breaker, that meets our criteria of being simple, inexpensive, works for all ages and genders and coaxes out our imagination, that rich vast territory within our brains that keep us sharp.

We have tried these games on a consistent basis and have found them to be really fun, easy to use and something we look forward to. Every family meals starts with one of these cute cards. Every time we visit our grandparents, we bring these cards along. And every time we have a meeting to attend, we insist the meeting begin with the use of these cards. Each and every time, we learn more about each other, have some chuckles and – best of all – stretch our brains!

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Hope you find ways to use them as well. It’s easy. It’s simple. And they work.